DIY Spice Storage

Several months ago, I saw this DIY spice storage project on A Beautiful Mess and tucked it away in my mental To Do list as something I definitely wanted to try. I still don’t cook very often, but I have accumulated at least a dozen new spices since getting married, and Stephen has added quite a few to the mix himself because of all the grilling he does.

Here is what our spices looked like before:


7I ordered the tins from the same site as Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess — they are the 2.5 oz ones — and picked up some magnetic paper from Blick when I randomly stopped in there one day. It wasn’t adhesive paper, though, which was unfortunate, because I had to use some smelly glue to attach the magnetic paper to the tins. I was afraid the smell was going to seep into the spices, but thankfully, it didn’t, and the smell has dissipated entirely.


104-spicesIt took me at least a few hours to complete this project (I had to let the magnetic paper dry and place the tins under a limited number of heavy objects in our kitchen to make sure the magnets were secure), but it was worth it! I love how this adds a bit of color to our kitchen, while still being practical.

My only concern is that some of the tins are slightly difficult to open, and I can easily see myself spilling the spices everywhere (and wasting them! 😦 ) when I actually need to use these. (Side note: I haven’t actually used any spices since putting these up several weeks ago – ha! That shows you how much cooking I’ve been doing…but it’s because Stephen was on his diet and he couldn’t eat any real food. 🙂 )


102-spices 101-spices

And a quick before and after (my favorite!):



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